Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Exiting the roller coaster

Most times you choose to get off the roller coaster on your own, sometimes you are thrown off unexpectedly (hopefully landing somewhere soft). You brush yourself off, wipe the sweat off your face, and move along to the next ride.

This ride wasn't about our marriage or fertility, just a 2nd job that didn't quite end the way I had expected, but I am 100% sure this is the right move for everyone.

Now I have the extra time to devote my attention to my full-time job and me, which I am in need of much de-stressing. I am very excited about the new possibilities that are out there for me. :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking Forward

Today was our due date with baby #2. I was weepy yesterday as I posted the above picture on facebook, but today I am excited.

I started our second round of injectibles this cycle and had my 2nd follicle scan today. I have 2 good follicles on my good side and we'll be doing the insemination on Monday. I am very thankful that my body has responded well to this medicine.We haven't really discussed how many more rounds of IUI we would do before we give up. We have ruled out IVF at this point, and would pursue foster/adoption instead. I imagine we would only attempt one more IUI cycle if this one isn't successful.

Friday, January 10, 2014

No Spend Day

 Hubby made home-made uncrustables to freeze
We had an accidental No Spend Day yesterday without even trying or realizing it.

Today might be a no spend day as well unless I have to stop for wet cat food. I think that can wait until tomorrow though.

We are taking care of a friend's foster baby tonight. He is about 6 weeks old now. Normally I would just send the hubby out for fast food since we'll be occupied by the baby, but I planned ahead and we have some chili cooking today and some pre-made frozen PB&J sandwiches to go with for dinner.

Last night I used up some pork chops that had been sitting in the freezer. It was my first time ever cooking them and they turned out wonderful.

We've sold a few things off the yard sale page this week too and are trying to put that money away and save instead of just spending it. I am hoping to work on the basement this weekend, and get a lot more pictures and things organized to sell.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goals for January

1. Read two books - The Wealthy Barber (ordered from amazon with a gift card)
   Your Money or Your Life - borrow from the library

2. Have 4 NO SPEND DAYS. That's 1 a week and should be easy right?

3. Write down and wait 30 days before impulse purchases (copying this from $12 a Day)

4. Track discretionary spending on blog to be more accountable.

5. Save $100 dollars.

6. Sell 5 items on craigslist/fb yard sale sites/ebay/amazon.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An update and 2014

Thanks to my blogger and facebook friends we were able to provide all of these items as stocking stuffers to children in the foster care system in Kentucky. There are roughly 70 toothbrushes and toothpastes and 60 pairs of gloves! This Christmas we were also fortunate enough to sponsor a foster child and provide them with their Christmas gifts.

We have several exciting things that have already started this year. I will most likely start a nanny position a few evenings a week for 5, yes you read that right 5 children. Their ages are 6,4,3,2 and 10 months. The hubby will be helping me with that until I get adjusted.

We are also in the process of becoming respite caregivers for foster children. Our friend has a 2 month old foster and we have been watching him and will care for him for a week in April when they go out of state.

I'll start fertility treatments again in February. The hope was to start in January, but aunt flo decided to come to town before my injectables came in the mail, so we had to delay a month. I've waited 35 years so far, what's another month?

I signed us up for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at a local church. That starts in February too. Why is it so hard to save money and not live paycheck-to-paycheck?

Ever since the miscarriage in July, we have let budgets and such go out the window. We have to snap out of that fog of "we deserve it" mentality now and start being a lot more responsible with our money. I am searching other blogs everyday for money making and saving ideas to try and reign in this monster we've created.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Donations Needed!!

I need my Blogger friends' help! I am helping stuff 60 stockings for a Christmas Party for the kids in the SNAP (Special Needs Adoption Program). These are kids that are still in foster care in Kentucky, waiting for their forever families.

 I am wanting to supply 60 toothbrushes and 60 pairs of Magic Gloves ($1 for 2 pairs @Dollar Tree). The toothbrushes are covered, but I need help with the gloves.

Donations can be sent to my PayPal address at

 My hope is that we get more than enough in donations and that I can do more than just the gloves and toothbrushes!

 I will continue to keep everyone updated on how we are helping these children! Comment if you have any questions. Thank you all!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I haven't updated in awhile, so here we go. The spending department and paying off debt has not been good. I am really not quite ready to face the damage we've done yet. I had some stomach issues in September and ended up having my gall bladder removed the end of October. We had paid off all prior medical bills, but now that surgeries bills total to around $450. That's after paying around $1000 already down for different deposits and emergency room co-pays. I am at my out-of-pocket maximum for the year if anything else happens! I have lost 25 pounds since July. Things are kind of plateauing right now, but I was waiting until I recovered from my surgery completely to focus again. I also won 2 yearly gym memberships in a silent auction that we will redeem here soon. Now to focus on the money and getting bills paid. We finally got around to sorting through junk and have posted around 10 items on craigslist and Facebook yard sale sites. Hubby has been putting out the word that he will help with fall cleanup/gutter clean out and has had a few jobs so far. I have started back at the secret shops again. We had one for Papa Johns this past Tuesday. Not too bad to get paid $5 and a free pizza. I'm still here and still have a hate/hate relationship with money!