Monday, January 7, 2013


Here we are, yet again.

Things are changing in our household. The hubby and I have made a fairly decent combined income over the last year, and we've spent all that we've made and then some! Hubby is getting ready to reduce his hours so he can focus entirely on school, so we are getting ready to find out just how tight we can tighten the budget belts around here.

I watch and read a lot of money shows, blogs, etc.; now it's time to start putting all that information to use. Following the Dave Ramsey plan, our first goal is to get $1000 set aside for an emergency fund, then we will focus on our debt repayment.

As far as our budget goes, I have jars and envelopes set up for all of our discretionary expenses (Mix of Princess/Dave Ramsey). My goal is to spend less than $60 a week on food and household items, and only eat out once a month (using gift cards from Christmas).

MENU PLANNING is a must! I will plan our menus for the coming week on Fridays, and hit the grocery store up Saturday morning.

2013 Financial Goals
1. $1000 in emergency fund
2. $60 a week grocery/household budget
3. Dinner out/date night once a month
4. Menu plan every week
5. Pay off $2500 in credit card debt and do not charge again! (current balance - $6825.47)
6. Pay off $694 in medical debt (current balance - 694.05)


  1. I like your plan! Wow, your spending budget is tighter than mine. Good job!

  2. I do have separate budgets for the animals. They get $125 a month, but just the basic grocery and toiletries I am trying to keep to $60 a week. I made it two weeks in January and failed two weeks, but the two weeks I failed there was hubby's birthday and this week is Super Bowl so I was stocking up on a delicious spread.