Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Success and Failure

I went over budget at the grocery store yesterday by $35. It is a failure but it's a whole lot better than we had been doing. And we have meals at least thru Sunday and maybe more.

Baby Step #1, $1000 in the emergency fund will be complete THIS Friday. Very excited about this, and now we can concentrate on Baby Step #2, the Debt Snowball. We will be sending as much as possible to our smallest balance credit card and the minimum on the rest. For us, that is one of our Capital One Cards (yes, they are so generous to give us two credit cards) with a balance of $662.85.

Capital One #1 is going down!

I figured up yesterday that if we had no debt payments (including car) we would have an extra $550 a month. I want that money to be working for me instead of paying for something that we bought years ago.

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