Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cable/Internet and Cell Phone

We spend a good chunk of change on these two items. Our cable bill is around $130 a month through Time Warner Cable. That is for internet and TV. We have one HD/DVR box and get the HD channels.

JC and I both have iphones, so when you add the unlimited texting, data plans, etc. our AT&T bill is $188 a month. Spending almost $2400 a year on a cell phone is kind of sickening to me.

I just got done chatting with AT&T and changed our plan to where our bill should be around $168 a month now. Our contract is up 2/8/14, so we are considering getting ipads and switching to a cheaper phone next year. Our $20 a month savings will go into a "iPad fund".

I had also cancelled our Netflix streaming, but I would really start that back up again so I can watch prior seasons of The Biggest Loser and other shows.

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