Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fertility Schmertility

Kind of disappointing visit at the fertility specialist yesterday.

I have a good size follicle on my right side (they want them between 18-20 mm) but I have no tube on that side. I had a small one on my left (good) side, but it wasn't big enough for the doctor to do a HCG Trigger shot and insemination this cycle. I think there still is a small chance we could get pregnant this month, but it will be on our own.

He upped my clomid next month to 200mg. I think we will give it one more month and then move on to either injectibles with IUI or IVF.

He also said no running/jogging so my couch to 5k plan is on hold. He said nothing "bouncy" because where my ovaries are swollen from the meds, it could cause a twisted ovary, so no elliptical either. It'll just be walking for me. My goal is to still walk at least 90 minutes this week.

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