Thursday, March 28, 2013

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Almost one week down, and 7 more days to go before I can test....I have been keeping a journal of some of the things I have been feeling lately, hoping they are pregnancy related and not medication related.

I have had an insatiable hunger these last few days. Weird dreams too, but that could be from watching all 3 season of The Walking Dead in one week.

Tax Refund is finally supposed to be direct deposited on Monday. I am probably going to have to tap into my emergency fund to pay our state taxes ($259) that are due, and to apply to take the CPA exam ($60). We may also have to use some to pay for some of JC's classes over the summer.

My fallback, last resort option, if needed, is to take a 401k distribution.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hopefully getting Knocked Up

Today was my first ever insemination (hoping only one I'll need). Hopefully 1 of JC's 52 million sperm will do a good job and meet up with my egg.

With some people the doctor has a hard time getting the needle through the cervix, and of course I was one of those lucky people. He ended up having to use some sort of clamp to get it open. It made me cramp and bleed. I continued to cramp for a good hour afterwards, but things have subsided now.

The doctor set a timer for 5 minutes and had me lie still in the room before I could leave. I had brought some headphones and had made a playlist of classical music and soundtracks to listen to and relax. It definitely helped.

I should be able to take a test two weeks from today if I haven't gotten my period. Very excited. This will be the longest two week wait EVER!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Good day!

Yesterday was a great day at the fertility specialist. I had a good feeling going in, it's amazing the intuition you can have about your body.

I had a good size follicle so we can go through with the insemination this cycle. I will pick up a shot and inject it Wednesday night to make my body release the egg. Then we go back this Friday to do the insemination.

We had a great time last week. Went to Cumberland Falls and Newport Aquarium, and spent a lot of money eating out, but it was planned for, so no real damage done.

The IRS is still holding our refund hostage. It sounds like it could still be another 4-6 weeks until we see it. I see the economy drying up if there are more people in our situation.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse

I would really like to try this 3 day cleanse by Dr. Oz. I finally started my period though and our next fertility cycle so I am thinking I will try this cleanse my next period (hopefully I won't get a period though).

Today is cycle day 3. I will start the clomid again tonight, this time at 200 mg. I go for another ultrasounds Monday 3/18 to check and see if I have any good follicles (last cycle there were none that were a good size).

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tax Refund in Sight??

Today is 21 days since our tax return was submitted to the IRS. We are supposed to have our refund by now, but it is still nowhere in sight. I've checked the IRS website and it says it is still being processed. GRR!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Break

I am really excited for next week to get here. It's hubby's spring break, and I am taking off work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and we set some money aside to do fun things. Here are our plans:

Wed - Hike at a local park, go to a discount movie, Olive Garden
Thurs - Aquarium and lunch at our favorite restaurant, Don Pablos
Fri - Cumberland Falls and still working on where we'll eat

Friday, March 1, 2013

February Progress

The sickening part is how much we have sent to the auto loan and credit cards and how little of a dent it does. We sent $339 to credit cards and the balances only went down by $196.

I am very pleased with how we did on groceries. We spent $260 on groceries and $122 on dining out/fast food.