Friday, March 22, 2013

Hopefully getting Knocked Up

Today was my first ever insemination (hoping only one I'll need). Hopefully 1 of JC's 52 million sperm will do a good job and meet up with my egg.

With some people the doctor has a hard time getting the needle through the cervix, and of course I was one of those lucky people. He ended up having to use some sort of clamp to get it open. It made me cramp and bleed. I continued to cramp for a good hour afterwards, but things have subsided now.

The doctor set a timer for 5 minutes and had me lie still in the room before I could leave. I had brought some headphones and had made a playlist of classical music and soundtracks to listen to and relax. It definitely helped.

I should be able to take a test two weeks from today if I haven't gotten my period. Very excited. This will be the longest two week wait EVER!


  1. Been thinking about you... I hope these two weeks aren't crawling by too slowly!

    Wishing you THEE BEST!