Friday, April 5, 2013


Our hopes were not high, as after two years of trying to get pregnant we are used to the disappointment each month. The original plan was to do Clomid + IUI for 3 months.

Since I am on the highest dose of clomid and my body doesn't seem to be responding well too it. My follicles have been rather small and are usually on my bad side. The estimated cost of injectables and the whole process is $1500-$2500. AND we still aren't sure it will work.

We will be taking a 401k distribution to pay for the process, although I will be trying to come up with some fundraising ideas, especially since we could probably only afford 1 or 2 cycles (that's at the $1500 cost) on our own.

IVF seems to be lurking just around the corner, and it costs around $12,000. I have added a link to our PayPal account to accept donations from anyone that might feel any sympathy for us.

I am also planning on creating a facebook page for our cause, have garage sales, bake sales, online auctions to raise more money.

The link for a PayPal donation is to the top right if you feel inclined to donate. Thank you in advance for anyone that does.

Any un-needed donations will be donated to Inciid. They have a scholarship program that I will be looking into, as well.


  1. warm thoughts for you and your husband.

    I have known several couples who have gone through this and they usually get pregnant just when they are at their wits end. It sounds like you are just about there. Hoping huge blessings for you!!!