Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Money Ran Through Our Fingers in March!

March was a rather expensive month! With it being Spring Break for JC, we enjoyed ourselves with some dining out, travel and entertainment. March was a 3 pay period month for us, but that also means there are extra expenses with groceries and gas.

Hopefully we can get back in line with April. I started off badly though as we tried buying organic fruit, meat, dairy, etc. this week. I am loving that it doesn't taste any different, even better, and I feel healthier already. The price tag though is over our $60 a week budget.

I spent $43 on ribeyes, pork chops, milk, eggs and spaghetti sauce at a local market (Marksbury Farm). I then went to Whole Foods and spent $83 on fruits, bread and other items. We are loving organic, but I think it will be impossible for us to go completely organic right now because of cost.

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