Monday, May 6, 2013

Good news

Had my appt today to check one the cyst and it was gone! Yay! So on to the next cycle.

I will start injections tonight. Hopefully they won't be too bad or have bad side effects.

I have another follow up on Friday to see how I am responding to this dosage. I am waiting on the mail order pharmacy to call me to see how many appendages (I mean how much money) we will be sending them. Hopefully not too much as we do have a 75% discount card.

What a crazy last few weeks it has been. I had a yard sale/fundraiser for an animal rescue group we help out with. We split the profits with them and made $250 each this weekend. Way more successful than I ever imagined but it was a lot of work.

I have been letting the finances slide a lot lately. Oh well. I guess we can start back another day. Will not beat myself up over it.

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