Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Prayers to Oklahoma

Our struggles to have a baby seem so trivial right now in light of the recent events in Oklahoma.

I was able to go home to a roof over our head, food in the fridge, all of our pictures and possessions in tact, and all of our furkids safe inside their home (including outside/feral kitty Myra).

Maybe because I am on facebook now, I see story after story being shared that draws you in emotionally. I sometimes have to ignore my news feed because the stories make me so emotional. The same thing happened with the Boston marathon bombings and the Cleveland kidnapper case.

We wanted to feel like we did something to help out so we sent donations to two different disaster relief groups this morning.

The first donation was sent to Convoy of Hope which provides disaster relief and humanitarian aid around the world. Giving to them is very easy, just text CONVOY to 50555 for a $10 donation. (can be done up to 3 times)

The second group we donated to New Leash on Life helps the animals that have been lost and displaced. This goes beyond just dogs and cats, but they are helping horses, cows, hamsters, bearded dragons etc. that have lost their homes, and working to reunite them with their owners. They are processing donations for the Animal Resource Center in OK, so if you choose to donate to them, specify "tornado response".

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