Monday, May 13, 2013

Survived the weekend

I had a really good weekend and survived Mother's Day. Hubby got me a card from all the animals which was very sweet.

This week has started off really well. I decided to pay off the remainder of Capital One #2 this morning. It feels so good to be 2 credit cards lighter. I don't expect JC's financial aid to come through until June so we likely won't make as much progress until then.

I went back to the doctor today for a follicle scan. I have 1 good size and 1 smaller follicle on my left side (the good side) and 1 good size follicle on my right (no tube). I will do one more dose of gonal-f tonight, trigger shot of Ovidrel tomorrow night and insemination Thursday morning.

I am very excited about this!

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