Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Great News!

I waited 6 days to have my HCG tested again and it went from 136 to 1055.

We were honestly going to be happy if it was above 550 so we are thrilled with 1055. It is now doubling every 48 hours like it should.


I have an ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure it's not ectopic again. It will still probably be too early to see a heartbeat.

I am feeling really good about this pregnancy. We have passed the point where I started bleeding with the last ectopic.

As far as symptoms, I have had some nausea in the morning. Not throwing up, but feeling like I need to eat something so I have been having some cereal at home. I used to just eat when I got to work. The veins throughout my boobs are definitely darkening and noticeable. I am still having hot flashes at night and am getting up to pee twice now.

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