Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HCG update

5/30 - 34
6/3 - 105
6/5 - 136

Doctor wants to repeat again on Friday but JC and I are discussing waiting a week to test again. No need to stress out about something that isn't necessarily the most accurate test in the world.

A lot of message boards have stated that this test isn't that reliable anyway. In Europe, they don't even do this test and just wait for the first ultrasound.

The bottom line is we are not out yet. The nurse was positive today and said that it was good that the number was still rising.


  1. a vet of this.....I am going to say this coming from the heart.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    You could have a slow starter.....and things turn out fine. You could have a non-viable pregnancy that could end spontaneously. Dunno.

    I would test on Friday. You said you have an US next week (I think), and you are better off having a better idea what to expect. If your number is still not doubling on Friday, you have some time to come to terms with what might happen. Don't go along with your head in the sand for another week, and then be shocked at US if it isn't the results you want.

    I am NOT saying this to be a downer or to discourage you. I truly am not. I am just saying this as someone who has cycled MANY MANY MANY times, and have been down the road way further than you have been.

    Stay strong.

  2. After discussing it with my doctor, I have decided to wait until next Tuesday to test any further.

    While I respect your right to voice your opinion on a public blog, I feel that because you may have had more cycles and years of struggle than I have, doesn't mean you have any idea of the experiences of what I have been through, nor would anyone EXCEPT me.

    You may see postponing the next Beta as burying my head in the sand, but I know that we are very realistic as to what can happen with this pregnancy.

  3. You need to do what you need to do. And waiting is certainly a valid option. My point is that I have watched so many people....including myself.....not be realistic about various situations. As long as you keep things in perspective...then go for it.

    I have had experiences that have been so incredibly rare that we were approached about journal articles....I get it. I have my losses under my belt, including but not limited to a set of twins at 17w.... I really do get it. It just hurts to watch someone struggle.......