Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ultrasound Update

We are still in the unknown right now of what is going to happen. We are still hopeful that miracles will happen and everything will be ok. We are praying hard for them.

We saw the gestational sac yesterday, but I also have a small amount of blood that has pooled in my uterus. The doctor thinks that the blood along with my initial slow rising HCG levels may mean I am about to miscarry.

We repeat another ultrasound next Monday. The good news that we take from yesterday is that it isn't ectopic like last time.

Today I have felt the most nauseous since I found out I was pregnant. I got some sprite about 7, and then crawled back in bed and ate 2 crackers and slept another half hour. This morning was the first time I thought I might actually throw up.

Now we pray and wait some more.

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  1. Praying for you and hoping for the absolute best!!! My sister in law bled heavy for the first 3 months of her pregnancy and still delivered a healthy chunky baby boy full term. Another friend of mine had a perfectly great pregnancy and lost the baby at 38 weeks. Just be healthy, take care of yourself and your little one, and know you're doing everything you can. The rest is up to God.