Friday, July 5, 2013


We went on a little spending spree, or credit card spree rather. But the good news is I don't regret it.

We bought a new king size bed. The queen we had was very tight with Mattie sprawled out in between us and most nights hubby ended up falling asleep on the couch. Of course we had to then buy new bedding. Then I decided we had to buy a new LED tv for the bedroom so we could enjoy TV in bed.

So the final damage is:
Kohls - $248.50 (bedding)
Capital One - $560 (tv)
Furniture Store - $1100 (bed, tv stand for living room, and delivery), 0% if paid in 6 months

With JC's student loans I'll pay off the Kohls and Capital One in August, and plan to pay off the furniture in 6 months, all while continuing to pay down other debt too.

I have a follow-up ultrasound on Monday to check for a heartbeat with my OB. Even if I implanted late, we should be able to hear one by this point. I think we have been long prepared for the worst.

I have been in a pretty foul mood the last 2 days. Hubby was really getting on my nerves yesterday and made me wish I had worked instead of had the day off. I'm sure the 10 inches of rain we have been getting isn't helping either. Add attitude from a co-worker on top of that and it just makes a swell mood. Honestly the only thing I want right now is to be alone with my animals.

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