Thursday, December 5, 2013

Donations Needed!!

I need my Blogger friends' help! I am helping stuff 60 stockings for a Christmas Party for the kids in the SNAP (Special Needs Adoption Program). These are kids that are still in foster care in Kentucky, waiting for their forever families.

 I am wanting to supply 60 toothbrushes and 60 pairs of Magic Gloves ($1 for 2 pairs @Dollar Tree). The toothbrushes are covered, but I need help with the gloves.

Donations can be sent to my PayPal address at

 My hope is that we get more than enough in donations and that I can do more than just the gloves and toothbrushes!

 I will continue to keep everyone updated on how we are helping these children! Comment if you have any questions. Thank you all!

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