Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Goals for January

1. Read two books - The Wealthy Barber (ordered from amazon with a gift card)
   Your Money or Your Life - borrow from the library

2. Have 4 NO SPEND DAYS. That's 1 a week and should be easy right?

3. Write down and wait 30 days before impulse purchases (copying this from $12 a Day)

4. Track discretionary spending on blog to be more accountable.

5. Save $100 dollars.

6. Sell 5 items on craigslist/fb yard sale sites/ebay/amazon.


  1. The 30 days to think on it challenge has been interesting for me so far. I think I've stumbled upon about 3 things so far that I thought I might want and before I even jotted them down on my list I decided that I didn't need them. So far so good. I hope it's a fun challenge for you!

    1. I wish I had waited 30 days before I ordered some Doomsday Prepper gear...regretting the decision now, but I guess always good to have on hand in case of an emergency.