Friday, January 10, 2014

No Spend Day

 Hubby made home-made uncrustables to freeze
We had an accidental No Spend Day yesterday without even trying or realizing it.

Today might be a no spend day as well unless I have to stop for wet cat food. I think that can wait until tomorrow though.

We are taking care of a friend's foster baby tonight. He is about 6 weeks old now. Normally I would just send the hubby out for fast food since we'll be occupied by the baby, but I planned ahead and we have some chili cooking today and some pre-made frozen PB&J sandwiches to go with for dinner.

Last night I used up some pork chops that had been sitting in the freezer. It was my first time ever cooking them and they turned out wonderful.

We've sold a few things off the yard sale page this week too and are trying to put that money away and save instead of just spending it. I am hoping to work on the basement this weekend, and get a lot more pictures and things organized to sell.

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  1. Awesome idea to make uncrustables yourself. I only buy those when they are on sale for something exciting to pack in Big R's lunch. I'm going to try this myself now.